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What should I do with the medical/insurance form? Mail or email it in or send it with my daughter?
You can do any of them. It may be emailed to
Mail it in and we will file it for your daughter's week of camp.
Or you can have your daughter bring it with her to registration.

Does my daughter really need indoor shoes?
What we mean by indoor shoes are shoes other than cleats that can be worn on an astroturf surface or on a gym floor should the sessions be moved indoors because of weather.

Does my daughter's week of camp have air conditioning?

Yes, all dorms have air conditioning.

If my daughter is flying in, what does she do when she gets off the plane?
Unfortunately due to heightened security at airports, we cannot greet the campers at the gate. Therefore your daughter should proceed to the baggage claim area where she will be met by greeters from the camp who will be dressed in camp gear. The staff will have a list of all arriving campers and will be looking for each one as the flights come in. The shuttle ride from RDU to UNC takes about 20 minutes. The ride from Piedmont Triad Int'l Airport to Guilford College takes about 10 minutes. When returning to the airport, the campers will be dropped off at the curb in front of their respective airline counters. We cannot check in each camper individually because of staff availability.

What are the best times for flights should my daughter fly into camp?
Here is a timetable for the camps. These times are guidelines which will minimize your daughter's wait once she arrives and assures her arrival back at the airport in time for her flight out. Other times can be accommodated by our shuttle, so don't feel constrained by these times. Some girls can't arrive until late in the evening on the day of check in and many do not leave until 5 or 6 pm on the day of check out.

Can my daughter arrive a day early?
Yes. For those West Coast dwellers and anxious campers we can offer to check you in a day early. A cost of $30 per person for the room will be incurred and campers will be on their own for meals. Staff can assist them in finding a place to eat should the dining facilities be closed. Teams are also offered these opportunities. Shuttle service to and from the airport will also be available. To make us aware of the situation, just fill out the Transportation Request Form sent to you and when we see that your daughter/Team is arriving or leaving at a different date, we will make the appropriate arrangements. If your daughter is not flying then please call or write to let us know that she will need a room for the extra night.

Can you pick my daughter/Team up from the train station?
We do not usually service the train station in Durham, NC, but if a group or campers or a Team arrives by train we can make accommodations. Since we use all of our vans for airport shuttles, we may not be able to meet the campers at the station at the exact time of their train's arrival, but will try to get there when our shuttle schedule allows.

Will my daughter have access to phone facilities at camp?
We don't believe any of the dorms have payphone access anymore. Campers have the option of bringing their own cellphone.

Will my daughter have a chance to go into town to shop?
In Chapel Hill, due to the proximity of some of the dorms we use to Franklin Street, campers will be allowed to visit the shops during their lunch break only (Junior Elite with camp staff only)

Will my daughter's room have a refrigerator, TV, and phone?
Sorry, the college dorms are not equipped with these items. All items may be brought and used in the room though.

Do campers attend the cookout on the first night?
Yes, the entire camp eats at the cookout and watches the exhibition match together.

Will my daughter have access to an equipment store?
No, we do not offer an equipment or apparell store :(

Are the meals varied enough to accommodate vegetarians?
Yes they are. The dining facilities serve a wide variety of foods to satisfy all campers' needs

What is the ratio of Staff to campers?
Each team at camp consists of two coaches and eighteen to twenty players for a 9.5 to 1 ratio.

Do goalkeepers get training in the Team Camp?
Yes, the keepers are trained as a group and with their teams by our goalkeeping staff during the day and rejoin their teams at night for the games

Is there a reduced charge for transportation from and to the airport for a team?
In Team Camp we charge a flat fee of $600 per team for round trip transportation from Piedmont Triad Airport and $1600 from Raleigh Durham Airport. Please click HERE for the TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORM.

Can a friend or a family member in town pick up my daughter during camp to go out to eat or visit?
Yes, as long as a parent called ahead of time to give us permission to allow their daughter to leave camp with the person.

Will my daughter have access to ice/water at the camp?
There are ice machines and water fountains in the dorms and the training staff will provide ice water at each field for the campers to drink. Girls are encouraged to bring their own water container.

What kind of supervision do the campers get in the dorms?
From two to four staff members reside on each floor of the dorm should a camper need assistance. Trainers and camp administrators also reside in the dorm should a camper need emergency access to medical assistance, medical records, or a phone.

Will my daughter's roommate request be honored?
Yes. We will make every effort to honor requests. Rooms will be doubles. Requests for blocks of rooms near each other cannot be honored. Roommate assignments are submitted to Housing 7 days before camp starts. Any requested changes after that time will be considered after check-in the first day of camp.

How are cancellations / Refunds handled?
We request that any person wanting to cancel their camp registration write us at PO Box 4933, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 or send an email to We must receive the written notification 30 days prior to the start of the girl’s session in order to refund any payments already made less the $150 non-refundable fee. Another option would be to request a credit for any amount already paid to be applied to a future camp. Any cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the start of the girl’s session, for any reason, will receive a credit for the amount already paid to be applied to a future camp.

Is Mia going to be at camp?
Maybe. Some of the very popular National and Olympic Team members stop by periodically at the camps to sign autographs and answer questions at the camper meetings at night. They can only do this as their busy schedules allow, so no guarantees can be made for any particular camp

Can I pay my balance over the phone by credit card?
Sorry, we are not set up to accept credit cards. But you can use your credit card if you sign up via our on-line registration.

Will laundry facilities be available for my daughter who goes through tons of clothes?
No laundry facilities are available while at camp.

Is there any difference between the camps at Guilford and UNC?
Camps at Guilford College are team camps; whereas all non-team camps will be held at UNC Chapel Hill. The emphasis at UNC will be on individual development.

How are teams organized?
Each team of 18 players is made of a random assortment of players of all ages and field positions. Since the teams play each other in the evenings, they are organized this way to keep their competitive levels pretty even.

Can goalkeepers room with field players at the same camp?
Sure. Just indicate the roommate preference on the application.